Even though Facebook may not have the same competitive advantage it once had some years back, it still has an astonishingly large number of users that log in on a monthly basis compared to Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

In the past, Facebook users have experimented with a wide variety of methods for generating income, including affiliate marketing, advertising through Facebook Messenger, and selling goods through the Facebook Marketplace. But these methods of making money aren’t easy, but there is good news now.

The new and interesting ways to make money that Facebook is rolling out are mostly geared for business owners and content creators who already have a significant following on the platform. It doesn’t matter if you want to start a side business to bring in some additional cash or expand the clientele of the one you already have. However, in order for you to be able to profit from the content that you post on Facebook, it is necessary for that content to comply with the platform’s eligibility requirements. These requirements can be broken down into three categories: Facebook community standards, content monetization policies, and partner monetization policies.

Maintaining your eligibility to monetize your Facebook material is essential if you wish to generate a steady income from the platform once you have attained that status. Examine the community standards of the platform on a regular basis, maintain a clean domain that is filled with high quality content, and check that you own the rights to post the content you upload. If, for some reason, your page is no longer eligible, Facebook will let you know about it via the Monetization tab in your Creator Studio. They will also tell you the reason why you are no longer eligible to earn money from your page. Now let me give you the major tips for making money from Facebook:


Fan subscriptions are a great way to generate reliable monthly income since they allow your most devoted fans to pay a set amount on a regular basis to help fund your page. This is an excellent method for brands and creators who have a sizable and engaged audience to monetize their page and reward fans with exclusive content and discounts on other purchases. The “stars” function gives users the ability to buy packs of stars, which can then be used to tip their favorite content providers and increase their earnings.

At this time, subscribers to the fan club can only join if they have been extended an invitation. When a user has 10,000 followers, more than 250 return viewers, 50,000 post engagements, or 180,000 watch minutes, they can get fan subscriptions.


To expand your audience and add variety to your content output, you should collaborate on the production of content with a relevant and supplementary partner. There are many brands out there that are interested in collaborating with creators, influencers, and other businesses in order to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness; doing so can be an excellent way to increase the number of people who follow you and generate engagement with your content.

You will be required to submit a request for access before you will be able to begin tagging business partners in postings. After you have completed those steps, you will have access to chances for cooperation and will be able to explore insights included within the brand. This technique of monetization is best suited for pages that have a large number of engaged, devoted followers and who regularly provide material that the vast majority of businesses will not regard as dangerous.



In-stream advertisements capture the attention of a captive audience and are therefore great for content providers and brands that already have a sizable audience. When a user is in the middle of watching a video on Facebook, they are far more likely to watch the entirety of an ad if doing so will allow them to continue watching the video they were initially watching. Consider the goals you have for your videos and the different stories you may tell about your company in these videos. If you want to promote throughout the middle of the roll, you should aim to create natural pauses in your films that are between one and two seconds long. These pauses should be long enough for an in-stream advertisement to fit into them.

To be eligible to run in-stream advertisements on Facebook, videos must be longer than one minute, and influencers must have at least 10,000 page followers. Other requirements for running in-stream ads include meeting Facebook’s eligibility requirements. These suggestions are for companies who sell products and want to buy advertising space in online video streams. 


To increase engagement, create a live event that your audience can watch from the convenience of their own homes. This paid events tool on Facebook allows you to arrange, set up, and run events through your page. This function is ideal for content providers and businesses who want to move in-person events online.

To accomplish this, enabling paid online events on your page is as simple as clicking the Events tab and creating a new event listing. Select the “paid” option, and then provide the necessary details about your gathering, including the cost and the identity of any co-hosts you will be working with. It is important to keep in mind that in order to begin the process of creating paid events on Facebook, both your personal account and your page must meet the requirements set forth by Facebook monetization eligibility criteria.


Shoppers can be guided from your Facebook page directly to your online store by utilizing the social commerce options offered by the platform. This is an excellent method for companies that already have a modest business presence on Facebook to capture customers in the middle of their scrolling experience with shopping advertisements. It is possible to convert shopping posts that have performed well into paid advertisements in order to generate additional traffic and define a new audience that you would like to attract. You may link to relevant products whenever you post a picture or video on Facebook by using the Catalog Manager to add your product catalog to your Facebook page. After you have began your video, click the Feature button that is located under the product or link that you wish to show your viewers during your live stream. This will allow you to link to the product.




Selling services, digital products, and ecommerce using Facebook’s large audience as a sales tool can earn you more than enough. The platform’s new features for entrepreneurs and companies make engaging new and existing audiences easier than ever. But don’t stick to one feature or platform. Diversify your products to ensure traffic and revenue if one platform fails.