Store Manager – Seemann’s Quality Meats South Africa Vacancy

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  • Full Time
  • 1 month ago
  • Salary ZAR 20000 / Monthly
  • Shift Full Time
  • Job Qualifications Bachelors
  • Number of vacancies 6 openings
  • Job experience 2 Years +

Job Description

Seemann’s Quality Meats South Africa is keenly in need of Store Managers to oversee the activities of Food Store.

Your core responsibilities will be to:

  • Manage the assigned store/s to ensure that the food and service is of the highest quality.
  • Maintain adequate stock levels, ensure shelves are properly merchandised at all times Maintain acceptable food costs and profitability through income statement management.
  • Conform to operational requirements by means of the approved Operations Manual at all times.
  • Manage staff in each store, comply to labor law and/or statutory rules and regulations e.g. Bargaining Council Agreement or Hospitality Sector Agreement and the BCEA.

Operations & Day to Day Duties

  • Ensure that you are well versed and clearly know and understand the duties of the various departments in the store
  • Ensure that staff is always wearing uniform
  • Ensure every member of staff (including yourself) has and is wearing a name badge at all times
  • If you see a customer standing around looking “lost” ask them if they require assistance or are looking for something in particular which you can assist them or escort them to the right person/manager who will be able to assist them
  • Ensure the shelves and counters are always well merchandised and adequately stocked
  • Ensure perishable and products with short shelf life are rotated with each delivery
  • Ensure that all short dated stock is merchandised correctly and is not sitting in a holding fridge at the back of house
  • Ensure that stock that has reached its BB Date (Best Before) is removed from the shelf, recorded on the system, and you have a clear plan for it.
  • Ensure your orders for suppliers, head office, Specials & Promotions and fresh produce are placed timeously
  • Ensure all stock is on the shelf, and not in the store room or the holding fridges
  • Ensure shelves and the products on them are labelled and priced with PLU labels, and the PLU labels correspond with the products above or below them depending on the PLU arrow
  • Ensure all products in the display cabinets are labelled and show their selling price
  • Ensure labels and all Points of Sale are clean, neat & tidy
  • Ensure that all stock takes are accurate, verified
  • Ensure the Cash Registers, Cashiers and floats are cashed up & balanced daily
  • Ensure you have enough coinage in your back float to trade daily
  • Ensure that all cash ups, supplier invoices, GRV documents are sent back to head office with the next day’s delivery
  • Ensure your shifts are adequately staffed to be able to trade – depending on the day of the week and the time of the month.
  • Ensure the cleaning schedules are adhered to
  • Ensure that counters and till points are clear of clutter and ae always clean
  • Maintaining Staff discipline and adherence to company policies
  • Maintaining an accurate time & attendance register, monitoring absenteeism and persistent late coming
  • Ensuring staff is always friendly and greets every customer entering or leaving the store
  • Ensuring your waste areas are always neat, tidy & clean
  • Ensure your fat traps are cleaned at least twice a week
  • Ensure that stock takes are done at a minimum monthly or weekly bin counts are done. These have to be done either before the store opens or after the store closes. The store will not close early to accommodate a stock count.
  • Ensuring that all equipment is serviced at the pre-requisite intervals – fire extinguishers, extractor fans, refrigeration coils etc.
  • Ensuring that canopy filters are always clean and not blocked
  • Ensuring that all staff in the service departments know the pricing of the merchandise they are selling
  • Ensure you leave clear instructions, for you fellow managers and staff, for what might need to be done the following day, should you be off
  • Ensuring your staff and especially your cashiers are informed and knowledgeable about whatever the current promotions & specials are for the week
  • Keeping a clear line of communication open always between yourself and the rest of your managers, supervisors, staff & head-office at all times
  • Ensuring that all refuse is removed and compacted daily before the store is closed
  • Ensuring that the store, shelves & counters are adequately stocked and merchandised before the store closes, for the next day – cold drinks are full and faced, freezers are full and faced etc.
  • Ensure that all raw ingredients, dry shelf stock, consumables and perishables are issued daily and recorded in the stock issue sheet
  • Ensuring that all staff purchases are witnessed and signed off personally by you
  • Ensuring that you are the first to arrive and the last to leave the store
  • Ensure that all reports are sent through to head office daily
  • Ensure all supplier invoices are GRV’d
  • Ensure all safety equipment is serviced regularly, and in good working order
  • Ensure all new listings are sent through to head office before stock is ordered and received at store level – both the individual products as well as the case codes must be listed ensure both are sent through
  • This overview is a basic outline and will be reviewed and modified from time to time, depending on the business’s needs
  • Ensure that all invoices and stock received from suppliers is received properly and accurately, any deviations from the invoice document must be written on the invoice. A GRS must be written up calculated correctly, with a proper calculator and NOT A CELLPHONE, a copy must be attached to both the supplier’s copy and ours. The new and corrected total must written on both invoice copies.

Special Knowledge, Skills & Duties

  • Friendly and positive attitude
  • Excellent customer service
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Sound knowledge of HR process, being consistent and fair with staff at all times
  • Ability to lead
  • Ability to handle pressure
  • Ability to identify future potential in staff
  • Ability to mentor and guide staff as well as the ability to be firm and administer discipline
  • Ability to think strategically
  • Ability to handle conflict, negotiate conflict and resolve problems so as both parties are satisfied
  • Ability to make change
  • Good maths skills
  • Attention to detail

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